BBSC Notice of Elections

Hello Beachside Impact Families!
As you may know the Beachside Impact Soccer Club is an all-volunteer club and we need your help and support. This letter is your notice that the Beachside Impact Board of Directors is holding open nominations and elections for positions on the Board of Directors on Tuesday, November 29th at 7:30 p.m. at Beef O Brady's Restaurant in Satellite Beach. If you would like an opportunity to serve your community and local soccer club please email the Secretary, Kristina Steinmetz, with your intent and attend the Meeting. This is your opportunity to make a difference in the community and we welcome you to do so.

The current elected Board positions and responsibilities are:

  • President: The buck stops here. Responsible for representing the club, facilitating board meetings, and leading the executive committee between board meetings.
  • Vice President: The buck stops here when the President is not available. Traditionally the person serving as Vice President also has at least one other board position.
  • Secretary: Responsible for keeping accurate meeting minutes and recording votes of the board.
  • Treasurer: Responsible for managing club finances and regularly apprising the Board of the club's financial situation.
  • Recreational Teams Registrar: Responsible for the registration and registration-related tasks and activities of all recreational players, coaches and teams.
  • Competitive Teams Registrar: Responsible for the registration and registration-related tasks and activities of all Competitive players, coaches and teams.
  • Uniform Coordinator:
    Responsible for accurately coordinating the ordering and distribution of uniforms.
  • Health & Safety Advisor: Responsible for advising the board on all health and safety matters, maintaining the first aid kits at each field, and point of contact for concussion incidents and return-to-play eligibility.
  • Club Scheduler: Responsible for scheduling U6 and U8 in-house leagues; representing club and team interests at League scheduler meetings.
  • Webmaster: responsible for maintaining and updating club website
    Picture and Trophy Coordinator: Responsible for coordinating picture days and distribution of pictures; selecting, ordering, and distribution of trophies.
  • Director of Fields and Equipment: Responsible for maintaining the quality of club fields and equipment either directly or through appropriate coordination and delegation.
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Responsible for coordinating all fundraising efforts.
  • BYSL Representative: Responsible for representing club interests at monthly BYSL league meetings.
  • Coaching Coordinator: Responsible for recruiting and matching quality volunteer coaches for recreational teams.
  • Recreational Teams Coordinator: Liaison between Recreational coaches and the Board, and responsible for encouraging the quality growth and development of all recreational teams and coaches.
    Competitive Teams Coordinator: Liaison between Competitive coaches and the Board, and responsible for encouraging the quality growth and development of all competitive teams and coaches.

We are currently seeking nomination for two positions for which there are no incumbents. These include Fund Raising Coordinator and Marketing Coordinator.

  • Fund-Raising Coordinator: The Fund-Raising Coordinator shall be responsible for soliciting sponsors from the local community to provide financial resources, other than those obtained through registration, to support the operation of the Club. The Fund-Raising Coordinator is responsible for the development, ordering, pricing and marketing of Club logo apparel and equipment to be sold to raise funds for the club. This Coordinator is responsible for working with the Board to review and establish sponsorship levels each season and to make sure that all sponsors are appropriately recognized on the club's website and/or in other ways approved by the Board. This Coordinator must work closely with all competitive teams to ensure that all competitive team sponsors are recognized
  • Marketing Coordinator: The Marketing Coordinator shall be responsible for promoting the Club in all age-appropriate venues and media outlets to foster the ongoing membership of the Club and report on club news and successes.

If you are interested in any of these positions, or if you are interested in serving on the board in any way , please email the Secretary, Kristina Steinmetz.
For more information about the upcoming elections and how you can participate you can review the the Club Bylaws which can be found on the "FAQ'" tab on the website.

Thank you and we hope to see you at the meeting.

The BBSC Volunteer Board