In conjunction with the US Soccer Federation and US Youth Soccer, the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) will be instituting a heading ban for players age 10 and younger. In accordance with the recent U.S. Soccer recommendations on concussion risk management.

FYSA has eliminated heading in matches for player’s age 10-years-old and younger (11u-2006 and younger), per the new calendar year registration guidelines. Heading will not be permitted in 11u and younger age groups.*

Competitive league, tournaments, and other FYSA sanctioned events that include 11u and younger age group teams heading will not be permitted.

Playing Up Rule

Playing up is playing above a player’s normal age group:
It is FYSA's policy that all players compete at a level they are capable of both physically and developmentally. In order for a player to move up more than one birth year will require approval from the affiliate's director of coaching or agent of record and FYSA Director of Coaching. Players, 11u will not be able to play up due to FYSA heading guidelines until the player reaches the age of 11.

Failure to obtain proper permissions may result in the player being removed from the team’s roster and sanctions against the team/club.


Playing Up Logistics and Guidelines
· Playing up requests will not be reviewed until July 15 and added to rosters after August 1st.  Below is the chart that will be used in determining the ability to play up.
· The playing up submissions need to be submitted by Tuesday and will be reviewed on Wednesday each week.
· Submissions may be made either through GotSoccer for individual players or by spreadsheet for multiple groups of players playing up via email here.
· Playing up requests are made in regards to player development purposes. Factors to be considered are technical, physical, and psychological. All of these factors should be present for it to be developmentally appropriate.
· Playing up requests should not be made for logistic or club/family convenience.
· For special considerations, a club’s Agent of Record, Registrar, or Director of Coaching can submit via GotSoccer. The considerations will be considered mainly for players 15u and above.


*Exception to the playing up rule 211.3

Recreation leagues that utilize double year age groups may choose to form 12u no heading divisions to accommodate formation of teams and league divisions.
Below is the chart that will be utilized to make determinations as to the level a player can play up to.

Age Group
10u and Below 2007 and Below 1 Year No Approval Needed
11u 2006 1 Year After the Player Reaches the Age of 11 Approval Needed
12u (September - December Birthdate) to 14u 2005 - 2003 1 Year Approval Needed for 12u
12u (January - August) to 14u 2005 - 2003 2 Years Approval Needed
15u (September - December) 2002 2 Years Approval Needed
15u (January to August) or Older 2002 - 1998 3 Years Approval Needed