2020 Competitive Soccer Tryouts - COVID Update

If you have received an offer from one of our Competitive Coaches, please follow these key steps to be ready for the season:

  1. Ensure you complete and pay the Registration Information that was sent to the email you provided, that shows your acceptance to the team and the Club. Once payment & registration is received this will add you to the Team's Teamsnap account and communication /schedules will be provided via Teamsnap.
  2. CLICK HERE to order your New Adidas Comp Player Uniform as soon as possible - by July 1st the latest - to ensure you receive it in time for the season, and if your team has any preseason tournaments or play you will want to order as quickly as possible. We have new Adidas Uniforms this year, thus if your uniform is late, you may miss out on opportunities to play until it arrives, as there is very limited additional stock in hand.
  3. Ensure you have Teamsnap App loaded to your phone and signed in to stay on top of practices, games, communication, training/tournament fees, and all team communication.


Formal Tryouts Completed: Please contact coaches directly to see if any spots available.


U9 (2012) Chad Pinnick

U10 (2011) Wendi Wengel

U11 (2010) Jim Wamsley/Tori Beal

U12 (2009)

U13 (2008) Carol Marshall/Chamberland

U14 (2007)

U15 (2006) Wendi Wengel

U16 (2005) Kailey Skinner

U16 (2005) Fernando Teran             Few Spots Available - Contact Coach

U17 (2004) Ryan Weldon

U18 (2003) Kailey Skinner                Few Spots Available - Contact Coach



U9 (2012) Chad Pinnick

U10 (2011) Chad Pinnick

U11/12 (2010/2009) Chris Burrows

U13 (2008) Don Luttrell 

U13 (2008) Adrian Moo

U14 (2007) Adrian Moo

U15 (2006) Adrian Moo

U16/17 (2005/2004) Colin Prest 

U18 (2003) Bob Robidoux

U18 (2003) Colin Prest