U6/U8 Dutch Tournament - Trophies & Pics

All BBSC U6 & U8 players, parents and coaches are invited to our end of the season dutch style tournament at the Algonquin fields on Friday, May 4th @ 5:30 pm.

Team Pictures & Trophies will be available for Pickup

This event will be all about fun!  Technical Director Ryan Weldon and his assistants will be organizing the entire event.  What a great way to end the season!

All Players wear their GREEN UNIFORM

How a Dutch Tournament works:
**4 - 8 teams depending on the number of players
**4 - 6 players per team (players will be randomly assigned to teams for each game)
**Players will play 5 mini-games, scoring individual points for each game
**Teams will be changed after every game
**Each player receives one point for each goal their team scores
**Each player on the winning team receives 10 extra points for a win
For example, team A wins 3-1 over team B; each player on team A will receive 13 pts (10 for the win plus 3 goals) while each player on team B gets 1 point. Ties will result in 5 points for each player, as well as one point for each goal the team scores.

Rules of Play: 
**Substitutions will be made on the fly (Field Marshals will assist)
**No goalkeepers
**All balls over the touchline will result in a throw-in
**Goal kicks and Corner kicks will be used for balls over the end line
**All fouls will be indirect free kicks and defenders will be 2 yds away
**All restarts are indirect
** Field Referees will enforce the rules
**Field marshals will ensure players are on the correct fields
**All games will start and end at the same time at the direction of the tournament officials

**The player (one boy and one girl) with the highest point total after all games is the "Dutch Champion"

Dutch play is designed to be fun and give the game to the players allowing them to show off their skills, play with different teammates under a different structure than seasonal play, and enjoy themselves....
Coaches, Parents, Families, and Spectators grab your lawn chair and a snack.  Sit back and let our young athletes show off their abilities.
Oh Yes, We are playing each game to MUSIC!

Hope we see you there!
Ryan Weldon
BBSC Technical Director