Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus Update/ Spring Season Credit:

Thank you for your patience while the club has been working diligently over the past weeks to reconcile the registration fees our Spring Recreation players paid for a very short season due to COVID-19. It has been  challenging, due to our nonprofit status, as we have had to wait to hear from our governing parent organizations on cost refunds before being able to move forward with a solution.

As a 501c3 nonprofit, the club did have to prepay all uniform costs, referee fees, registrar and field prep fees, background check fees, equipment fees, and FYSA fees. We have been working with our partner organizations to see what, if any, refunds would be given to Beachside Impact or roll over. Unfortunately, refunds are not being issued due to the pre-season work that took place by those organizations to prepare for the season. As a nonprofit, these fees hit our Club directly. 

Unused Referee fees are being recouped and our Beachside Impact training staff is forgoing all stipends; including our Technical Director and DOCs of Competitive and Recreational Programs; even with most teams having up to 3 weeks of practice and 1 - 2 games.  

The Club has been working diligently to see how much impact the Club could sustain from these prepaid costs. Based on the hard dollar costs we still had to pay for the season, we are processing a 75% credit to apply toward the Fall Recreational Season 2020 or Spring Recreational Season 2021. With families rolling over this 75% credit to Fall or Spring, you are  helping our non-profit club sustain this COVID-19 impact. We will provide credits for the fall season automatically, and you will receive a code by email by June 10th. However, we do understand that COVID-19 has hit many of our community families negatively...financially. If you do need to receive a refund instead of the credit, please send an email requesting a refund by June 21st to