Lights 1

Dear Beachside Impact Families:
For years your board has worked tirelessly with the City of Satellite Beach to light the Library Field complex. Now, after fundraising, winning an FYSA grant, and the amazing leadership and support of the City , that moment has arrived!
Is it a coincidence or is it a sign that these lights are ready to turn on for the first time, just as Beachside Impact is ready to light up our community?
Come and join us for our field lighting ceremony at the Satellite Beach Library Field on Saturday May 14th from 7-9 pm.  **ADMISSION IS FREE**
There will be many small fields set up to play pick-up soccer, plenty of food, and our awesome new club shirts for sale!
Coaches, this would be a great event for your team’s end-of-season party!
Please invite your family, friends, and EVERYONE you know to join us in celebrating this groundbreaking achievement, and celebrating the new direction for our club.
These lights will turn on for the first time only once! Come and be a part of club history! Be among the first to play soccer under the lights! Join us and MAKE AN IMPACT!
Lights 2