Hello folks.   This is the final week of our Spring 2016 U8 developmental program.

Friday training session will be done differently.  We will meet at the Sea Park Soccer fields across from Sea Park elementary school from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. The session will be a Dutch Tournament!  Have all players please bring both Red and White jerseys to the game.

The coaching staff would like to thank you and the players for a fantastic spring season.  Each player made large strides towards their individual and team development. We hope to see you on the soccer field and off the soccer field in the community.

How Dutch works:
How a Dutch Tournament works:
**4 – 8 teams depending on number of players
**4 – 6 players per team (players will be randomly assigned to teams for each game)
**Players will play 4 mini games, scoring individual points for each game
**Teams will be changed after every game
**Each player receives one point for each goal their team scores
**Each player on the winning team receives 10 extra points for a win
For example, team A wins 3-1 over team B; each player on team A will receive 13 pts (10 for the win plus 3 goals) while each player on team B gets 1 point. Ties will result in 5 points for each player, as well as one point for each goal the team scores.

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