Volunteer Coaching, Team Managers, and Club Volunteers Needed

You are a Great Soccer Coach, Team Mom/Dad, or Volunteer!!!
(Even if you don't know it yet)

Dear Beachside Impact Parents:

I am writing to you today to tell you how VITALLY IMPORTANT our volunteer coaches, team parents, and our Club board members and volunteers are, and how grateful we all are for the time you generously give from your very busy lives. Our soccer community needs you to volunteer to coach, help a comp coach keep the organization of a team, organizing events, and so much more!  It keeps soccer affordable. It is easier than you think. Gives back to our amazing Satellite Beach and Beachside Communities! And your kids will never forget it!


First and foremost, volunteers help us keep soccer affordable for you and your kids. Paid professional coaches are awesome, and definitely have a lot of technical skill and soccer experience, but they come at a cost.  Every year we work hard to keep costs down, but every year there are more and more fees: registration fees, referee fees, league fees, field use fees, lighting fees, equipment fees, field maintenance fees - it makes our heads spin.

Our generous sponsor, Schumacher Orthodontics, helps us defray those costs, but there is only so much they can do.  Despite all of these financial pressures, we have kept our per-player cost one of the lowest in the county. Without your volunteering, soccer is simply not affordable.

We need always Volunteer Coaches, Team Manager/Parent, and Board Members & Volunteers!

It Is Easier Than You Think

We have so much built-in support for our volunteer coaches!

  • Training equipment is provided for you! (balls, cones, and pinnies)
  • Practice Space is always available
  • Coach training is available EVERY WEEK at FUNdamentals
  • Practice Planning is easy!
    • Use the weekly lesson plan presented by the Element Staff (Ryan W, Chad, Ryan B, & Adam); or
    • Millions of practice ideas are searchable on YouTube
  • Online Coaching instruction is available too! - FYSA offers a Grass Roots coaching program online and our club will reimburse you for any FYSA Grass Roots coaching course that you successfully complete
  • Help is always near!
    • The Element Staff will always make themselves available to you at FUNdamentals sessions
    • More help is just an email or a phone call away - our coaching staff and our Board of Directors will gladly answer any questions you have and get you the help that you need.

Your Kids Will Never Forget it!

Kids are unbelievably proud when their mom or dad coaches their team. Being there each week to watch them practice and play is a great show of support. Being out on the field with them is even better! You get to be right there in the trenches with them, teaching and learning right alongside them!

Are you a little nervous about coaching because you've never done it before? Your son or daughter probably feels the same way when they try soccer for the first time. Your leadership and example - that it is good and brave to try new things even if they make you nervous - makes you an awesome role-model for your child, and for all of our kids.

And I can't tell you how special it is that years later you will be at WalMart or Publix, and a kid will wave and say, "Hey, Coach!"

So, Get Off the Sidelines! And get in the game! Our club needs you. Our kids need you. And our soccer community needs you!

Call or text 321-508-7102
You may also send an email.  Lisa, and Alyse will be in touch.

And remember:

  • Your child will always be on your team
  • Your child receives a registration $ discount
  • You get a cool shirt
  • And for the rest of your life, some people will call you "Coach"