COVID-19 Season Policies


Brevard Beachside Impact follows soccer governing bodies safety procedures & policies to keep our children as safe as possible while playing soccer. Our governing soccer bodies  are following the U.S. Soccer Return to Play Recommendations  , in combination with our local government guidelines . We encourage you to follow the link to learn more of the US Soccer policies and procedures.

Currently our soccer leagues we participate in are planning to begin in fall, but they are holding multiple meetings to assess the latest COVID-19 environment before any final decision and start dates are shared. We expect to hear some updates in early September based on leagues delaying meetings until the end of August due to the delayed public school start. We encourage you to register if you are interested in playing in the Fall, as you can read below on our 100% refund policy if the season is cancelled before it begins.



  1. Please limit to one parent per family to attend practices,  we ask parents to stay in small social distanced groups or even in their car.
  2. Ensure the use of hand sanitizers before and after practice. TIP: We recommend adding a small travel size one to your player's soccer bag .
  3. Ensuring temperature checks are administered to your player prior to practice. Do not allow a player to attend practice or games with an elevated temperature.
  4. Remind players to NEVER share water.
  5. Alert coach directly if player contracts COVID-19 during the season, and player has been attending training and/or games. This allows the club to execute their safety protocols efficiently and swiftly, which includes informing any players or coaches that could have come in contact with the player .
  6. All coaches are planning their training with social distancing drills incorporated, and do their best to ensure players stay socially distant.


  • What happens if the season never starts , will I receive a full refund?

IF there is a change from our parent organizations seasons ( FYSA, BYSL, US Club Soccer, GCF) before the season begins, we will refund 100% of all registration fee except for the cost of the uniforms ordered for player as those costs are nonrecoverable and we have to preorder before season begins. 

  • What happens if the season is cancelled after it begins? 

If the season begins, Brevard Beachside Impact is a 501C nonprofit, and would have had to pay certain fees to our parent organizations to register players and referee fees. Thus if the season is cancelled after it begins we will pro-rate the credit to the players based on the fees the club has had to pay thus far in the season. See below for an example of this in action from our Spring 2020 season.

  • My child played only two games in the Spring Rec schedule, and I never received a refund or credit? 

Background: In the Spring 2020 Rec Season , the season was cancelled after teams had played 1 - 2 games. The club had nonrecoverable costs they paid such as referee fees , players registration cost with the leagues,  coaches backgrounds checks, and ordered and delivered uniforms to all players. Since there were nonrecoverable costs as the season actually started - the club was able to offer players a 75% credit. All players were able to keep their uniforms and they are able to use them for the next 2 years as we keep the same uniforms for 2 years.  

The club sent all players a personal email from Sports Connect System ( registration system) on June 8 or 9th, that shared with them the credit and a credit code to use for the Fall Season. If you do not recall receiving this email, please do a search in your inbox to ensure you do not already have it. The code in that email will allow you to apply the credit to Fall Rec Season online. If you cannot find the email in your inbox, please send a note to to request a copy.